Floating allows you to step away from the hectic, over-stimulated world. Once you enter the float pod, your anxieties and pain melt away into a blissful state.

It is a powerful tool for relaxation, health and wellness, pain relief, and rejuvenation. Imagine how different you will feel after just a 60 - 90 minute sojourn into the pod.

Leave the lid open or close it.  Turn the music and lights on or escape all the noise with a total sensory deprivation experience.  It's your choice.  Our professionally designed floats pods allow the floater to feel comfortable, safe, and in control.


Epsom Salt

Each float pod holds more than 800 pounds of Epsom salt in the water. Your body will float effortlessly.

Water therapy_Omaha Nebraska


Each pod is filled with ten inches of water, which is heated to the temperature of your skin, 94.5° F.


Sensory Deprivation

The float pod can shut out all light, sound, and touch. There is minimal gravity, so you feel weightless.

 The more YOU float, the stronger these benefits are. Relieving stress, repairing the body, and re-calibrating the mind -- these are just the beginning.

why Should you float?



Relieve and reduce stress


Reduce chronic pain and discomfort from arthritis and migraines


Boost mood with endorphins


Help heal injuries and improve recovery time from physical activity


Improve circulation and immune system



Relief from anxiety-causing environments for those with PTSD or autism


Diminish effects from depression and anxiety


Better mental clarity and alertness


Increase creativity and accelerate learning


Eliminate fatigue and jet-lag with extreme rest


Learn meditation or develop deeper practice


Deep relaxation


Lucid dreaming


Theta brain waves


Alter your state

of consciousness




How long is a float session?

Floats range from 60 minutes, 90 minutes, and up to 3 hours or even longer!

What do I wear to fLoat?

Floating is best done without any clothing. Any clothing will feel heavy and distract from the full experience.  If you feel more comfortable, however, wearing a bathing suit you may do so.

What do I bring to Float?

Simply come as you are. We provide all the essentials for your float (towels, soaps, shampoos, earplugs, etc). If you prefer to use your own items you are more than welcome to bring them. You are welcome to bring a comb, lotion, hair products, and other misc. items for after your float.

How do I prep for a floaT?

  • Arrive 10 minutes before your appointment.

  • Take your shoes off and check-in.

  • A Float Guru will escort you to your float room and begin a quick yet thorough orientation into the world of floating.

  • Put your earplugs in before you shower.

  • Shower with only soap and shampoo at first. Save the conditioner for after.

Any other Tips?

Avoid floating if:

  • you have any open wounds larger than a small cut

  • You recently shaved in the past day.

  • You are currently menstruating.

  • You've just dyed your hair in the past week or had a spray tan.

  • You just received a tattoo less than 2 weeks ago.

  • You are severely epileptic.

Is there a height/weight limit to floating?

Our pods are 7'0" long inside (7'3" diagonally). This means most visitors can float comfortably at Blue Oceans Float.  We do not have a weight limit, as long as you can get into and out of the float pod safely on your own.

Can i Float if I'm pregnant?

Yes of course!  Floating is wonderful for expecting mothers.  Please consult with your physician before floating to ensure you are a good candidate.

How do you clean the float pods?

During a float, the cleaning system is turned off, in an idle mode, so as not to disturb the person floating. Afterwards and in between floats, the water cycles through an efficient filtration system that consists of:

  • a UV light

  • A microfilter

  • An ozonator


This system effectively filters, disinfects, and purifies the water. Another special aspect of float pod is the high salinity. At 25% Epsom salt, nothing can survive in the water that's harmful to humans. Most organisms (except for halophiles) die off in concentrations of 10-14%. Yay for Epsom salt!

A Float Guru also cleans, sanitizes, and restocks the outside of the pod and the float room.  A safe and sanitary float environment is one of our highest priorities.  If a pod or room does not meet our expectations, we will not have floaters use it, for their health and safety.

Can children float?

Floating is a wonderful experience for children! We accept floaters as young as 12 years old.  Any floater under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult to Blue Oceans Float. Children float in their own float pods.


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