Release Anxiety Through Floating

Let me ask you a question...

"What causes you anxiety?"

Think about it for a moment?

Are you getting anxiety even thinking about it?

Why is it that we become anxious when we even think about these things or do them?

Try to find a connection between this activity and some person, some societal expectation, some time deadline, a potential negative effect? What do they tend to have in common?

Paulo Coelho said, "Stress, anxiety, and depression are caused when we are living to please others."

So when you take away that expectation to follow the 'norm', to please someone or something (the system), and not living true to ourselves, anxiety happens.

Yes there are deadlines we have to meet, ways we may have to act in order to get by in society nowadays, but it doesn't always have to cause us anxiety.

You can bypass that knee-jerking, fight-or-flight, reaction you always have to those situations. You are able to take a step back, pause the movie of life, and evaluate the situation from the outside. Instead of these stressors hitting you straight on like a semi, you could have this invisible bubble of water (or whatever substance pleases you...lava). When these curveballs are thrown at you, they don't hit you. They glide over the bubble's surface where you can view them safely, and from afar.

And that all happens with floating.

When you step into the float, you enter a world without expectations, demands, and basic laws of physics.

You can now be who you want to be, think what you want to think, create anything, and develop a world that suits your tastes and runs at your speed.

And while you're in there, you slowly develop this bubble we talked about earlier. It takes time, and practice, but there will come a moment in your daily life where a sudden encounter with an anxiety-causing 'thing' no longer causes anxiety.

You're not emotionless. In fact, you're quite the opposite now. You still feel everything.

But now you have a remote to the movie of life in your hands. You can press the Pause button and take a moment to truly look at the situation. You can separate yourself from the usual fear and anxiety-inducing causes and see it for what it really is.

And when you're ready, you press the Play button and life resumes. The moment passes by and you're stronger for it. You're stronger because this time, you didn't cave in to societal pressure and try to run away. It's because you found and strengthened the confidence you've had inside yourself this whole time, but that was hidden because you thought too much, worried too much, and tried to live up to others expectations.

So with floating, you find a stillness in your mind. A quiet moment that CAN BE extended beyond the tank into real life. A moment that you can apply to any situation and person you encounter.

It's like taking a deep breath before you dive beneath the water, goggles on, to explore the unknown depths of the ocean. You don't know what you'll find, but you know you're prepared to face it.

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