On our bookshelf: Unsinkable

She's gone through it all, been to the best of the best, and experienced a decade of unsuccessful treatment that left her worse than before. From anorexia to bulimia, it looked like there could be no light at the end of the tunnel.

All that trauma gave her the perfect perspective, though, when she landed upon floating. After not finding anything that could help her externally, Emily realized that to help herself she would need to look inside herself.

And that's what floating does. It takes your focus and pushes it inward, far inside, deeper than many other things can.

This extraordinary account of one woman's discovery of floating fits into a book less than a 1/4" thick. There's no page numbers in there so you don't realize how fast you've read thru it until you're done. And you'll read it in one sitting, because it's captivating voice is similar to the one that's inside us all.

Emily explains her process of finding floating, of what her first few floats were like, and how she fully recovered from the multitude of things that bothered her before. Her story is just one of many that show up from floaters, and everyone's story is different.

But the book provides a wonderful perspective of the wide and far reaching benefits that floating can provide. It may help floaters who are already suffering from other conditions, and help them find the confidence and power within themselves to take action.

We keep this book on our bookshelf as well, so next time you're at Blue Oceans Float, pick it up for a deeper view of what floating can do.

Until next time floaters!

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