Frequent Floater of October

We wanted to find out more about our amazing floaters, why they float, how they float, and to provide more context for others interested in starting their own float practices. It can help to hear what others have done in the past, gain bits of wisdom, and apply those to your own life. Over the next year we'll interview 1 floater per month and showcase what's so unique about their float practice.

A while back we sat down with a frequent floater at Blue Oceans Float, J.Kelly (we'll refer to him as "Green Man" in here, since if you were to meet him, you'd think he'd come straight out of Ireland).

Some background information on Green Man first:

  • He's young(er)

  • He is a self-made entrepreneur

  • He loves all things nature

  • He is an energy healer and Reiki master. His meditation and energy healing practice takes him back quite a few years, so he understands the importance of harnessing your own energy and learning to be true to yourself.

  • He loves anything and everything Irish, Celtic, and the like.

We began our quick interview with an important question...

How long have you been floating?

Off and on for about 2 years. I first came in to float when you [Blue Oceans Float] opened and we held energy classes in the lobby.

Describe your first few float experiences.

I was one of the first people to float in Mac Lir (the pod in the back). It was an interesting experience to float while others were doing energy work on me (Two people were floating with bathing suits on in the back pod while a group of energy healing students practiced energy healing on them). The first couple floats were difficult for me, my body wasn't used to it and was used to being in gravity. It wanted to fight letting go in the pod. I didn't have a "great" experience until I was able to relax and let it float and just flow. By the 3rd or 4th float I was finally able to let go.

How do you like to float?

I float with the lights off. Sometimes I have music on, or listen to my own music like Norse or Nordic folk music. I focus on what I need to overcome, whether it be new ideas or inspirations. I focus on that and then receive answers from my guides. When I'm floating I think about what I want and then manifest it into reality.

What have some of your most recent floats been like?

I've been coming in lately to float once every two weeks for inspiration for my business and related projects. After the float I go into the lobby on the couches and write it all down because I have those "light bulb" moments. Otherwise, I'd forget what I thought about in the float. I've had a rough time starting up my business, so I've been floating for those reasons (ideas, inspiration) as well as health reasons.

It's also helped with my energy work. It really helps me gain clarity and release negative energy that I've picked up throughout the days, so I can truly focus on my inner power. There's a balance of energy and time between everything, so floating has helped me focus better on one thing rather than many separate things. I feel like I'm on the right track now and have more moments of peace.

Do you have any tips for floaters?

Let it flow, just relax, and become one with the water. Whatever you are trying to overcome, just think about that. Think about ways to overcome that obstacle, because it'll manifest into reality so you can then achieve that goal.

Being in the pod is like putting on your thinking cap.For new floaters, bring a notebook with you for after the float. Take notes, write down the visions, inspiration, or steps you saw to take overcome whatever you're going through. Otherwise, you'll probably forget it when you go back out into society. And that's when you need it the most, but it'll be too late. So remember to bring your notebook for after.

Last question, Green Man...Any crazy or wild experiences while floating?

It's hard to recollect what happens a lot of the time...What happens in the pod stays in the pod. :D

Stay tuned, floaters, for our next floater interview!

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