Rub a dub dub, soakin' in the tub

Aloha Floaters!

While this picture isn't necessarily soaking in the tub, it's how we WANT to feel when we take a bath at home.

But then the water gets cold, the phone rings, and you don't quite fit into your tub.

If you're like me (even at an average height of 5'8") I can only fit maybe half of my body into the bathtub at one time.

And when I try to fit all of me, I'm twisted like a contortionist.

So HOW can you have a really good soak at home? Well the first obvious solution is to get a bigger bathtub ("we're gunna need a bigger boat" - who knows where that's from? If you know, a high five for you!). But we can't always do that, because your bathroom is small or you live in an apartment.

So next solution? Add a lid on your bathtub and put inline heaters beneath it to keep the water warm. However that solution isn't easily remedied either. Whoever has all of the 3 above solutions is one lucky duck!

So the bathtub at home isn't the most ideal environment to soak. And while I would love to have everyone float with us every time they need to relax and stretch out, it's not always feasible. Continue reading for a simple solution to this.

I will always take baths at home, no matter how close the float shop is to my home. Because you know why, I love the sound of the water filling the tub and like having really warm/hot water to decompress in.

So what I do is add Epsom Salt to the water. It's the same Epsom Salt we use in the float pods, but

I won't put as much in the bathtub. I usually add about 3-5 scoops (3-5 cups) of Epsom Salt, swirl it around to help it dissolve, and then settle myself into the steaming water. That is my solution to make a weekly soak at home worth it!

I'm not floating, I can't stretch out, and I usually last only 30 minutes, but I'm still taking time to relax. And I'm still soaking up that lovely magnesium.

BUT, the epsom salt you find online or at the stores is so gosh darn expensive! Sure it has essential oils in it, but you can pick up a bottle of essential oils and epsom salt separate and still get more for your buck in the long run.

Let us help you out there:

Visit the float shop when you want a night in your bathtub. We sell Epsom Salt in 10lb ($10) and 50lb bags ($50) plus a small variety of essential oils to add to the bathwater. Make it a date night with YOU and your bathtub.

A 10lb bag could last you for a long time, and with a 50lb bag, the whole neighborhood will be knocking at your door.

Give us a call at 531-365-2154 for more info on this great deal and help us spread the good vibes.

Until next time floaters!

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