Cleaning Procedures at Blue Oceans Float

Aloha Floaters!

The Float room and water's cleanliness is one of our top priorities! It can't be emphasized enough. Today is a 'behind-the-scenes' look into what it takes to keep the pods and float rooms pristine!

It's important to be upfront and clear with our floaters, so YOU feel comfortable floating with us and know you're placing your trust in the right people.

Here's a handful of cleaning-related FAQ. If you have any questions beyond these, reach out to us at 531-365-2154 or via email at

Why do I have to shower before my float?
Before we delve into how the pods clean themselves, this is one important aspect of proactive cleaning:
The shower before the float.
At a pool or other water park, not all 100% of people will shower. And the ones that do shower, it may not be a thorough shower. The point of a very thorough shower and scrub is to rinse off all the dirt, debris, germs, and oils from your body and hair that are picked up throughout the day. Rinsing all of this off in the shower prevents it from getting to the float pod in the first place, thus keeping the float water clean.
Plus, showering off well helps to open your pores, so you can better absorb the magnesium in the pod.
It's very important to take a shower before your float, and it's a MUST at Blue Oceans Float.
How do you keep the water clean?

The float pods each contain at least 800 pounds of Epsom Salt, relative to about 100 gallons of water. This makes the water very salty, as salty as the Dead Sea. This makes it difficult for any organism to survive in such a saline environment. It would literally 'suffocate' their system with salt. Nevertheless, we rely on a 3-part filtration process and thorough hands-on cleaning to keep the water and pod clean, and to meet established sanitation standards.

Between each floater:

  1. The float pod cycles the water thru a 1-micron filter at least 7 times (in a duration of 30 minutes). We replace and sanitize the filters every week on Monday during our deep cleaning.

  2. The water runs through a UV light and ozonator as it cycles around the pod. The ozonator pumps out ozone gas (O3) into the water. The UV (ultraviolet) light and ozone gas work together to create small particles called Hydroxyl Radicals. These particles kill any microorganisms in the water and prevent any leftovers from reproducing by zapping their DNA/RNA strands. Ozone is a more powerful disinfectant than chlorine or bromine and does not leave behind chemical by-products or residues.

  3. Every morning and night we add 100mL of 35% food-grade H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide). If you've ever felt full-strength H2O2 on your skin, it burns!!! Now imagine you're a tiny organism and this hits you...kaboom! The H2O2 acts as an additional agent to sanitize and eliminate organic material. This also works in synergy with the ozone gas from the ozonator. They make each other even more effective.

Do you empty and re-fill the tanks after every float?

The water is cycled through the above filtration system at least 5-7 times in between each floater. That means we do not empty and re-fill the float tanks after every float. Doing that would require 100 gallons of water, 800 pounds of new Epsom Salt, and at least 24 hours for the pod water to warm back up to the desired temperature.
How often do you fully replace the water?

Water evaporates throughout the day and salt is taken out with each floater. We add water each week and fully replace the water at least once per year (1x/year).

How do you clean the float room?

We try to stick to "green" cleaning products, to ensure the health of our floaters. In between each floater, we spray the inside rim and outside of the float pod with a H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide)-water solution that sanitizes the area. We do this to all front areas of the float pod, the chair, the bench, the shower and shower matts, all float items, and the floor.

After disinfecting and wiping everything down, we squeegee the floor and shower floor. Then we re-supply all the items in the room: the towels, makeup remover, earplugs, squirt bottle, and vinegar-water bottle.

We have placed a great deal of attention and care into this process and always look to improve our services and quality of float.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about our water, our center, or about the floating experience, please give us a call. We will be happy to answer any of your questions!

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