Calm Your Jets (with Magnesium)

It's 10:10pm at night and you're still jittery. You're watching TV until you feel tired enough to fall asleep but sleep isn't coming. And when it does come, your legs don't follow the rest of your body. Instead, they cramp in the middle of the night. Or, you toss and turn because they ache. And soon your entire body aches.

Want to know one way to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, calm your nerves, and relax your body?

Get more magnesium!

Whatever way you can do it, increase your daily intake of magnesium. I'm not a doctor, so I don't know what your daily intake of magnesium should be, only you can figure that out. And don't just take my word for it, do your own research.

Take a quick look at all the benefits of magnesium and you'll very quickly realize the potential it has. There's so many benefits and so many ways magnesium is used in the body, its astounding!

Here's my 3 favorite ways to Calm Your Jets with Magnesium:

#1: Of course I have to mention this because it's what I do every day, but floating is a superb way to get your daily magnesium. It's ok if you cannot float everyday. Try once per week or 2 times per month. If you can do that plus take other magnesium supplements, you will notice a difference.

Quick side note!!! Again, do your own research. Look for trustworthy, third-party tested magnesium supplements. And the same for floating. Look for a well-established, trustworthy float shop to provide the best floats possible. I won't prescribe anything (actually I can't) but I can provide suggestions and testimonials for what's worked for me.

#2: Calm Magnesium Powder from Natural Vitality. This Magnesium Citrate powder is really useful for sleeping. A brief warning that when you first get it, take LESS than a spoonful! Magnesium citrate is a laxative for the bowels, so allow your body to work up to it. You will know if you've taken a bit too much. Everything will be relaxed.

I highly recommend the Calm Magnesium powder to anyone wanting to get a better night's sleep, calm their restless legs, and have better bowel movements. Find it here on Amazon (order in bulk to save $, it's worth it!) Use it for the whole family (if their body can handle magnesium safely) and everyone will be sleeping soundly.

Favorite flavor is the Raspberry-Lemon. There's other flavors and sizes, but the product is Vegan, Verified Non-GMO, and easily restores healthy magnesium levels.

#3: Magnesium Chloride Oil: The last recommendation for today is one that's very similar to

floating. Magnesium Chloride Oil (the stuff I get anyway) you apply to the skin and absorb it transdermally. This is very helpful because it bypasses your gut and goes straight to the areas you need it the most. Floating in Epsom Salt is the same method except floating involves Magnesium Sulfate (we'll explain more on the different types of magnesium in another post).

Simply spray the magnesium chloride on any area that is achy. A few weeks ago my wrists and fingers were aching. It's probably from all the recent kickboxing hobby I picked up. But 30 minutes after I spray the oil on my hand joints and gently massaging it in, the aches were gone!

Good companies to choose from are the Ancient Minerals brand or the Seven Minerals brand.

I mention all these ompanies because we are affiliate partners with them but also because I trust them. I wouldn't suggest something that I wouldn't do or take. So you can trust us that we will only provide the best information that we can find, and something that we've done before.

After reading about all this magnesium I think I'm ready for a nice long night of restful sleep, how

about you?

So the next time you're wide awake at 12am, need to calm your legs, or even taking a long flight, grab some magnesium.

Until next time floaters!

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