Is there a height/weight limit to float?

We welcome every person to try floating with us!

With over 800 pounds of salt in 10" of water, that's enough salt to float anyone! Even if you have difficulty floating in pools or swimming in general, floating is no problem when you come to Blue Oceans Float.

Floaters over 400 pounds and up to 7-feet-tall have floated comfortably in our pods.

For the sake of your comfort, though, we recommend you take our take dimensions into account when scheduling your float.

There is 1 float pod, in the Arctic Ocean room, called 'Mac Lir' (yes, that's his name, all our pods have names). It is shaped more-so like a hot tub but is STILL a float pod - do not get that confused. The shape of the pod (more rectangular versus oblong) creates a bit smaller float environment. We suggest that any person taller than 6'2" try to avoid floating in Mac Lir. You will be much more comfortable in the other float pods.

Our float pod dimensions are as follows:

Float Pod: ~7'2" long x 5'8" wide x 4'6" tall (measured from the inside of the pod).

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