Float #5 & #6 - 30 Day Float Gong

Aloha floaters!

Just finished this 5th float in the afternoon. A pretty neat float, thought I don't think I completely phased out. But it was a nice respite from the day and felt very refreshing. Helped me relax my neck tension was was bothering me all morning long.

You can watch the full VIDEO on youtube.

I hung in between being "awake" and fully "asleep". It's a fun practice to attempt, as you keep swinging back and forth in between those areas. If you can control that and slowly slip into that middle ground, then you may have an easier time experiencing lucid trips while floating.

Float #6 finished early Sunday morning before anyone else was up, before any other cars arrived in the parking lot. The sun was shining, the breeze cool, everything was good.

See the full video HERE on youtube.

I touch on the reason why it's important to float at least 3 times before you choose whether to continue floating or move on. If you have questions about the reasons why, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Until next time floaters!

Excited for float #7!!!

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