Float #4 - 30 Day Float Gong

Aloha kakahiaka (good morning) floaters!

WOOOHOO! Feeling good today, happy, giddy, just smiling all over.

I don't remember completely falling asleep in the float. In fact, I went over dreams from the night before and just thought about all sorts of random things. But afterwards, I was definitely feeling the good vibes and lightheartedness.

Didn't mention this in the VIDEO but when YOU are feeling good, when you are happy and radiating GOOD energy, people pick up on that. They want that energy too, they want to be around you because THEY feel good when they're around you.

It's contagious ... a GOOD contagious energy!

And if we can find that energy ourselves, harness that for ourselves, and bring it with us wherever we go, what a wonderful impact we'll have on the world around us.

When you smile, and have a genuine smile, others catch on. They can't help but smile too. Even though they may not have experienced what you just did (aka an AmAzInG float), they know intuitively that if they can feel good like you, their own lives will improve.

That's one of the BIGGEST things I love about floating: its ability to impact not only the actual floaters but those around them.

It's a positive wave of love and light, of good vibes and happiness, that ripples out from that floater.

My goal at the beginning of this business, and still today, is to have AT LEAST 20% of the population of Omaha floating.

JUST IMAGINE... if 20% of Omaha could float, and then tie in the ripple effect they have on others, what a change in energy we'd experience!

Until next time floaters!


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