Float #3 - 30 Day Float Gong

Aloha Floaters!

Tried floating in the afternoon today...think I'm going to stick to early morning floats.

This will be different for everyone - some people are morning floaters, others prefer the afternoon or evening. You may love floating right after work and before you head home for the evening because it helps you fall asleep.

For me, if I float in the evening, it wakes me up. Plus, I've had a whole day to think about ideas and create things, so by the time I'd enter a float in the evening, my brain would be full!

That's why I'll stick to morning floats, when my brain hasn't quite revved up to its full speed of 995 mph.

Thus, this afternoon float was a bit harder to relax in. I did phase in and out during the float, and went for about 1 hour and 15 min, and got a lot of thinking done. BUT... it's CRAZY how much we can think! Especially when there's no other distractions.

PHEW! When I'm in the float pod and thinking, my brain is on hyper drive. In just a span of an hour I can have about 5 different 'experiences', or, 'dreams'.

Check out the YOUTUBE video for an in-depth take on the float.

Until next time floaters!


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