Float Gong

A Float Gong: the Chinese word for a "cultivation" or "practice". A time period of consistent practice.

Any type of Gong takes self-motivation, determination, and a strong commitment to do the action every day. You don’t know what will transform within you during the time you practice the gong, so it helps to go at it with a childlike curiosity. The discoveries will be the gift to yourself. No one can tell you what it will be like – it is the secret within you: that is for you, and only you, to discover.

There is something magic about doing 100 days of practice. But in the end, the numbers don’t matter. Accomplishing a Gong is considered the most effective way to truly change old patterns and integrate new ones.

Often 100 days, though, is chosen for a length – as maximum benefit will be realized.

The first 40 days are needed to release old physical, mental, and emotional patterns/habits. The next 60 days are to establish, integrate, and stabilize new supportive and healthy patterns.

If 100 days is too much at first, try a 7-, 28-, and 40-day Gong. No matter the length, notice what benefits you gain - mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. Notice the changes in your life and your mindset. How does your view of the world around you change?

Trying a shorter Gong length can be an excellent method for gaining courage, resolve, and insight into what it takes to accomplish a 100-day Gong.

Benefits of doing a Gong:

  • Finding a way to feel more calm and quiet, and more connected to something larger than yourself.

  • New mindset, positive outlook

  • Release of old thought patterns, energies, and pains

  • Physical pain melting away

  • Peacefulness within your core

3 things to help support your intention to complete a Gong:

  1. Attend a class or find others to float with at the same time – you commit to things easier when there is someone else also holding you to it.

  2. Connect with a teacher or fellow practitioners by visualizing their smiling faces or visualize/connect with the masters/teachers from any tradition that inspires you

  3. Honor and accept where you are with minimal, if any, judgement.

Tips during your Gong:

  1. Journal

  2. Pay attention to and remember the changes that are occurring and stabilizing during your Gong. It is a valuable and significant way to empower yourself.

  • What was your life like pre-Gong. How is it now?

  1. Daily review your intentions – to help anchor your practice. Choose an intention that will help lead you to gratitude for giving yourself this profound gift.During a Gong, you are making this practice your own.It can never be taken away – claim it!

  2. Remember not to be attached to a certain feeling or outcome. What you experienced before is in the past. You are here to create each moment, in the present.

  3. Share your experience with others – in a support community.

  4. Do NOT miss even 1 day!!! Set aside and dedicate time to spend with yourself each day.

  5. Approach your practice with lightheartedness and

Float Gongs at Blue Oceans Float

The benefits of floating, like everything in life, are cumulative.

This makes a Float Gong that much more powerful!

We have special packages to make it incredibly easy to perform a Float Gong and gain all the benefits. We recommend reserving the #FloatGong you want to try, as they will be limited each quarter, then picking a start date after reviewing the schedule.

Floaters have the option to float every day for:

  • 3 days

  • 5 days

  • 7 days

  • 30 days

  • Or longer!

We ask each floater to document their experiences via a blog, journal, and/or video. This not only helps them continue their Float Gong, but we can learn more about the float experiences of our floaters, build better Gong programs, and enhance the quality of our floats.

To find out more about how to begin YOUR Float Gong, or have additional questions about Float Gongs in general, reach out to us!

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