30 Day Float Gong

Near the beginning of 2018, I embarked on a 9-day Float Gong.

After months of building the float business, burning myself out worrying about meeting monthly deadlines, and trying to figuring it all out, this 9-day long float session was like heaven on earth. After 9 days, I literally felt no pains or aches, my body was so calm and relaxed. I slept well - much better than I had been sleeping the previous year.

In a previous post, you saw how I had changed my sleeping style as well. Since college I was used to sleeping on harder surfaces and avoided beds as much as possible. That was because I didn't wake up with pain after sleeping on a hard surface. So after floating for so long, I avoided the bed entirely and switched over to a Japanese futon (called a shikibuton).

Mentally, I was at peace. The usual stressors and worries that would affect me and turn my mind into an anxiety pit just flowed over me, like I had a force field around my being.

Emotionally I was happy and carefree. This, combined with my relaxed mental state, took me back to living in Hawai'i. During one Christmas Break, I had the luck to visit my favorite surf park everyday. I'd be there all day long with a few friends, and we'd surf, take a break, nap, eat, and surf some more - all day long. That time was utterly carefree and you were in the present moment.

After those 9 days, that's how I felt - like I was back at the beach. There were bills to be paid, tasks to do, employees and a business to manage, but I just sat back, knowing I had done all the work I could do at that moment. I realized that I shouldn't be stressing about things out of my control.


And now, at the end of July, I take on a 30-day Float Gong... that's 30 days of consecutive floats.

The inspiration came from many of our floaters who mentioned wanting to float more often to relieve this pain, or let go of that energy. But there is another youtuber and floater in Idaho who's in the middle of his 30-day Float Challenge. After finding his videos online and going thru each, I decided within a day to extend my longest consecutive number of floats to a new goal: 30!

Within his videos you can see the changes to his energy and thoughts, and hear about the variety of experiences he has within the pod.

Each day, I'll write a short and concise blog post to summarize my float, and tie in the youtube link to the Post Float Video so you can follow along.

Something important YOU should know, though, before we get any further:

Every single person's float experience will be different. Every float experience you have will be different.

That's why it's important to not base YOUR float experiences off those that I share. What I share are just experiences so others can learn what is possible, to learn about possible changes you may see within yourself from floating, and so I can learn more about floating and better help others.

Stay tuned over the next 30 days for more! Check out the Blue Oceans Float Youtube Channel, Facebook page, and Instagram for updates!

Until next time floaters!


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