Floaty Tips

Your first float may be one of uncertainty, question, and a little anxiety. That's completely OK! We want you to understand that.

Out in the world, you zip around like an Indy car, at 200mph. When you walk across the threshold into our lobby, step into the float pod, and float, it's like we're asking you to stop on a DIME and go immediately to 0mph. The float space is unique. It brings to our attention those things that we've been avoiding or neglecting.

For first-time floaters, this can be a difficult transition. For first-time floaters, this can also be bliss. Some people take immediately to the float environment, as though their brain and body have been craving and preparing for it for years. Other floaters may take a little while to settle into the float space, and it may be only after 3-4 floats that you really get used to the environment and know what to expect.

Thus, it's OK that you don't "get it" your first float. Floating is not a fast-food experience. It's not a one-time fad. So don't expect it to be in and out and you're miraculously healed! If you're looking for that type of experience, then maybe floating isn't for you, yet.

This is a lifestyle. Floating is a practice, that takes time, effort, and energy. You go to the gym every day, you visit the chiropractor every month, and you meditate a few times a week. You take the time to practice those, and floating is the same.

To help you transition into the float space easier and more gently, we've provided some floaty tips to consider. Try working on these even before you arrive to float. Soon, your brain will start preparing itself long before you arrive at the float shop. Eventually, you will be going from 150mph to 0mph...or 75mph to 0mph, which is a much easier downshift into that relaxed state. Take your time adjusting to the float space, allow yourself (give yourself permission) to relax and not have to be working on something. Take your time practicing these floaty tips, maybe just one at a time or one over a series of floats.

Talk to us, the Float Gurus, ask us questions, that's what we're here for. We have our own floating practices and a wealth of knowledge to pull from to help YOU ease into your floating journey. Attend a float class, read some books, go over floater reviews. Educate yourself so YOU are informed and comfortable with the float space, so you know that you have complete control over everything.

Are you ready for those tips? They're finally here!

The following techniques may be helpful in achieving a deeper float experience, going further than previous floats, and discovering the true capacity of your mind. Take your time developing your float practice, it’s not a ‘quick fix’ to anything. It takes time, effort, and the will to change. Be kind to yourself during these times, and accept you for who YOU are.

Sit quietly in solitude – or float in the float pod

Begin by asking “Who Am I?”

Ask it internally.

Who am I really?

What is my true self?

As an answer comes up spontaneously, just throw it away.

You say, “I am not that. ”

Go right on through this, until finally you can see as you work on your onion, peeling layer after layer of identification off you, you’ll finally get down to a core, of who you really are.

You may stop identifying with negative programs, or any programs at all. You’ll realize that there is a pure elf that doesn’t have anything to do with the body, with programming, with the external reality, with anybody else, and so on.

Listen to and get USED to listening to your heartbeat.

Why are we so afraid to hear our own beautiful alive heart? We should be honoring the life we have, and thus thank our heart for always beating for us. Send waves of love to your heart – it needs it. YOUR heart may be one of the last things you’d ever consider to send love to!

Listen to how the pace changes with each inhale and exhale. Focus but don't focus on controlling it, just let it be. Imagine yourself sitting INSIDE of your heart and radiating waves of pink, unconditional love light.

Yes, your heartbeat may be loud, but appreciate this moment. It's not often we get the time to listen to our bodies, to really listen to it. Is your heart happy? Is it sad or anxious? Help it calm down and ensure that it feels loved too.

Focus on your breathing. Deep, slow, controlled, relaxed.

If the air feels like it’s getting ‘stuffy’, just take deeper and slower breathes. the thickness and warmth of the air. it cleansing your lungs and veins of all toxins. Just imagine it purifying your entire body and mind.

Count down from 100 with your breaths. Use this as a concentration and mindfulness practice when in the float pod. Just let your mind focus on each single number, as though it were a marvelous thing to think. If any stray thoughts come up, simply thank them and let them go, then resume counting down slowly.

Imagine, create, grow, and interact with your sanctuary

Imagine yourself sitting, lying down, walking or running among your absolute dream place.Whether that is an ocean, a lake in the mountains, a broad meadow filled with sunflowers, a trickling creek bed.Imagine yourself THERE, in that place, interacting with everything you see, smell, feel, sense. Try to taste the air, try to really see the animals and plants and sunlight.Just keep playing around with this place, and building it. Use this sanctuary you’ve built as a place to go to when you start your float. Use it every time you return to the float.

Build the world YOU want. It doesn’t have to be based on the laws of nature on Earth, or anything resembling the Human World. Make it whatever you want. Let your imagination free to explore the possibilities.

Remember: what you believe to be true in the float pod either is true or becomes true. Create your own world.

Think in other categories.

Find NEW ways to describe your sensations, beyond the Human Perception.

When a drop of water hits you on the chest in the float pod, don't think of it as a drop of water.

Instead, imagine the saliva of a ice-breathing dragon or space worm dripping down onto you. You're floating around in it's belly, soaking up all the benefits of it's gut juices, ready to be excreted where you'll turn into a beautiful shining diamond butterfly. (OK, you don't have to think as gross of something like that).

OR, instead of reminding yourself that you're floating in a pod, imagine and believe that you're body is suspended in a gelatin like substance, safely traversing the universe, passing by solar systems and nebulas, to arrive on a planet completely encased in a thick layer of electricity that only your gelatin casing can pass through.

OR, you're sitting in the lotus pose, meditating at the center of a star or planet, feeling the warmth of the core around you.

You get the picture? Come up with a NEW explanation for the "sensations" you have in the tank.

Get your mind out of your normal fears and anxieties, let it wander around freely, creating a new environment for itself.

Think Why NOT

Humans are odd in the way that we are always surprised if something miraculous happens. It's like we're pessimistic by nature. We believe that a movie is probably the closest thing we could get to reality. We allow wondrous things to happen in a movie, but when it comes to LIFE, real life, it's amazing if someone is cured of cancer, if someone can read minds or fly.

Instead of being locked into a mindset where you're always questioning "why" something has happened, and doubting its possibility, change it! Think Why NOT, instead of Why. EXPECT marvelous things to happen. And it's then, when something miraculous doesn't happen, then you're surprised, instead of the other way around.

Delve into your fears

What makes you so fearful or anxious stepping into the pod? Is it the fear of the unknown? The fear of what could happen - good or bad? The fear of small spaces? The fear that you won't come out the same old person you were before?

BLAST those fears away! Take CONTROL of who you are when you are in the float pod. Know that you are completely in control of your environment and your life from here on out.

What you think to be true in the float pod either IS true, or becomes true.

Why would you allow those fears to prevent you from experiencing something unlike anything you've experience before - expect for before our lives start and after our death?

When you have the opportunity to do something different, why do you cling to your old ways, programs, and mindsets? Why do you let those fears control you? Who told you to have those fears?

Let the fears come, BUT....BUT don't let them go any further. Don't let them seep into your subconscious where they fester and grow. STOP them at the doorway, and TELL THEM that they no longer control you. Figure out why you've let these things control your mind, and give yourself permission to not let that happen again. It wasn't yours to begin with, and those fears still aren't yours. Toss them away.

When you start to get anxious in the float pod, it's because of some fear. Find out what the fear is, and tell is NO. Tell it that it no longer controls you.

That's all for now floaters.

Remember: be kind to yourself, give yourself permission to let go, and just enjoy the life you have.

Until next time,

Blue Oceans Float team

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