2020 Memberships ... Version 2.0

Exciting news floaters! We're revamping our Float Memberships! Yes, it is definitely good news for YOU, because we're going to make it even easier for you to float, float often, and float deeper. Here's a sneak peek into what you can expect for 2020. All our usual perks and benefits will be there for you floating fanatics, like... Floats won't expire, they just roll-over into the next month. You can extend your floats up to 2 hours for free. You can share your floats. It's as easy as 3 clicks to convert a float into a gift card (we have some nifty new gift card designs coming your way too! ONLY for float members!). You can upgrade/downgrade your membership, and/or pause it at any time after

Getting Personal with Marketing

Who we are, and maintaining who we are, is one of the top 5 things on my list at the float shop. You can ask me about the other 4 later. :D (Quick side note: there are a couple affiliate links in here because I really want to give credit to where it's due. Without these people and groups, we'd still be in the stone ages, eek!) But trying to give a consistent experience and high quality float to everyone that walks through our door is vitally important. And a lot of times that begins with them finding us online. So how do you take all this human genuineness, our passion for healing and the earth, our drive to make the float shop as streamlined, comfortable, and clean as possible, to the onlin

Release Anxiety Through Floating

Let me ask you a question... "What causes you anxiety?" Think about it for a moment? Are you getting anxiety even thinking about it? Why is it that we become anxious when we even think about these things or do them? Try to find a connection between this activity and some person, some societal expectation, some time deadline, a potential negative effect? What do they tend to have in common? Paulo Coelho said, "Stress, anxiety, and depression are caused when we are living to please others." So when you take away that expectation to follow the 'norm', to please someone or something (the system), and not living true to ourselves, anxiety happens. Yes there are deadlines we have to meet, ways we

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