Frequent Floater of October

We wanted to find out more about our amazing floaters, why they float, how they float, and to provide more context for others interested in starting their own float practices. It can help to hear what others have done in the past, gain bits of wisdom, and apply those to your own life. Over the next year we'll interview 1 floater per month and showcase what's so unique about their float practice. A while back we sat down with a frequent floater at Blue Oceans Float, J.Kelly (we'll refer to him as "Green Man" in here, since if you were to meet him, you'd think he'd come straight out of Ireland). Some background information on Green Man first: He's young(er) He is a self-made entrepreneur He

Rub a dub dub, soakin' in the tub

Aloha Floaters! While this picture isn't necessarily soaking in the tub, it's how we WANT to feel when we take a bath at home. But then the water gets cold, the phone rings, and you don't quite fit into your tub. If you're like me (even at an average height of 5'8") I can only fit maybe half of my body into the bathtub at one time. And when I try to fit all of me, I'm twisted like a contortionist. So HOW can you have a really good soak at home? Well the first obvious solution is to get a bigger bathtub ("we're gunna need a bigger boat" - who knows where that's from? If you know, a high five for you!). But we can't always do that, because your bathroom is small or you live in an apartment.

On our bookshelf: The Float Tank Cure

"To keep the body in good health is a duty...otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear." ~Buddha That's the beginning of Chapter 4 of the well-known book, The Float Tank Cure, by Shane Stott. Chapter 4 focuses on floating for physical pain relief and improving athletic performance. Each chapter Shane zeroes in on one of the BIG topics of floating, topics that everyone asks about: physical pain, mental fatigue, anxiety, athletic performance, stress and depression. We recently received a postcard from him on his book, asking for feedback we had about the quality of the information in there. I said this to him and I'll say it to you - "if you are new to the floating worl

The most relaxed in the class

College is at once enlightening and taxing. The more a student gives to their college experience, whether it be studying, getting involved in clubs or sports, or just getting to class on time, the more they get out of the experience. If that student gives their all to school, they get a lot back—know-how, time management, friends, knowledge, and a precarious path to their future career. However, during that time when a student is giving so much of their time, energy, and mind power to their education, it can backfire on them: their bodies and minds can start to suffer from lack of sleep, high levels of stress, and the impossibility of getting everything done. In order to make the best of the

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