Cleaning Procedures at Blue Oceans Float

Aloha Floaters! The Float room and water's cleanliness is one of our top priorities! It can't be emphasized enough. Today is a 'behind-the-scenes' look into what it takes to keep the pods and float rooms pristine! It's important to be upfront and clear with our floaters, so YOU feel comfortable floating with us and know you're placing your trust in the right people. Here's a handful of cleaning-related FAQ. If you have any questions beyond these, reach out to us at 531-365-2154 or via email at Why do I have to shower before my float? Before we delve into how the pods clean themselves, this is one important aspect of proactive cleaning: The shower before the floa

Calm Your Jets (with Magnesium)

It's 10:10pm at night and you're still jittery. You're watching TV until you feel tired enough to fall asleep but sleep isn't coming. And when it does come, your legs don't follow the rest of your body. Instead, they cramp in the middle of the night. Or, you toss and turn because they ache. And soon your entire body aches. Want to know one way to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, calm your nerves, and relax your body? Get more magnesium! Whatever way you can do it, increase your daily intake of magnesium. I'm not a doctor, so I don't know what your daily intake of magnesium should be, only you can figure that out. And don't just take my word for it, do your own research. Take a quick

First-time Orientation

Aloha Floaters! When you first arrive to Blue Oceans Float, take some time to orient yourself in the lobby. Unless you tell us otherwise, we'll assume that you have never floated before and offer a thorough orientation to help you feel comfortable and relaxed in the float shop. When you first arrive at Blue Oceans Float, you enter the lobby. Consider this the beach (wherever your favorite beach is, think of that). At the beach, you kick off your shoes, set your belongings down, and run to the ocean. At Blue Oceans Float, In the lobby, we ask you to take your shoes off. After that, you can use the provided slippers or go barefoot. A Float Guru will check you in and have you complete our i

Preparing for your float

If you have any questions on your first float, don't hesitate to give us a call at 531-365-2154. We're also available via email, at Floating can be a very simple process. Just imagine you're taking a bath at home...except here it's much comfier, you can stretch out, the water stays warm, there's nice music, and no responsibilities to think of or chores to do after. The following info, however, should answer many of your questions about your first float. Do I need to bring anything? Floaters can come as they are or they can bring their own personal belongings. But you really don't need to bring anything at all, just yourself! We have soap/shampoo/conditioner, to

Is there a height/weight limit to float?

We welcome every person to try floating with us! With over 800 pounds of salt in 10" of water, that's enough salt to float anyone! Even if you have difficulty floating in pools or swimming in general, floating is no problem when you come to Blue Oceans Float. Floaters over 400 pounds and up to 7-feet-tall have floated comfortably in our pods. For the sake of your comfort, though, we recommend you take our take dimensions into account when scheduling your float. There is 1 float pod, in the Arctic Ocean room, called 'Mac Lir' (yes, that's his name, all our pods have names). It is shaped more-so like a hot tub but is STILL a float pod - do not get that confused. The shape of the pod (more re

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