Float #5 & #6 - 30 Day Float Gong

Aloha floaters! Just finished this 5th float in the afternoon. A pretty neat float, thought I don't think I completely phased out. But it was a nice respite from the day and felt very refreshing. Helped me relax my neck tension was was bothering me all morning long. You can watch the full VIDEO on youtube. I hung in between being "awake" and fully "asleep". It's a fun practice to attempt, as you keep swinging back and forth in between those areas. If you can control that and slowly slip into that middle ground, then you may have an easier time experiencing lucid trips while floating. Float #6 finished early Sunday morning before anyone else was up, before any other cars arrived in the p

Float #4 - 30 Day Float Gong

Aloha kakahiaka (good morning) floaters! WOOOHOO! Feeling good today, happy, giddy, just smiling all over. I don't remember completely falling asleep in the float. In fact, I went over dreams from the night before and just thought about all sorts of random things. But afterwards, I was definitely feeling the good vibes and lightheartedness. Didn't mention this in the VIDEO but when YOU are feeling good, when you are happy and radiating GOOD energy, people pick up on that. They want that energy too, they want to be around you because THEY feel good when they're around you. It's contagious ... a GOOD contagious energy! And if we can find that energy ourselves, harness that for ourselves, a

Float #3 - 30 Day Float Gong

Aloha Floaters! Tried floating in the afternoon today...think I'm going to stick to early morning floats. This will be different for everyone - some people are morning floaters, others prefer the afternoon or evening. You may love floating right after work and before you head home for the evening because it helps you fall asleep. For me, if I float in the evening, it wakes me up. Plus, I've had a whole day to think about ideas and create things, so by the time I'd enter a float in the evening, my brain would be full! That's why I'll stick to morning floats, when my brain hasn't quite revved up to its full speed of 995 mph. Thus, this afternoon float was a bit harder to relax in. I did pha

Float #2 - 30 Day Float Gong

Aloha and Good Morning Floaters! In a daze here after finishing this early morning float. Woke up at 6am to begin the float by 6:30. Since I was still half asleep, it made it much easier to get back into the float and fall asleep. I went in and out of sleep during the float, and made it to 90 minutes, which is rare for me. I usually finish a float after about 45-60 minutes, because sometimes that's all I need. Had a long single dream-like state, about some memories from my past all blending together in a different dimension that didn't necessarily follow the laws of physics we have here. Also during the float (not sure if I was awake or not), I heard someone typing on the keyboard very lo

Float #1 - 30 Day Float Challenge

Aloha, Jordan here! Just finished the first of 30 floats for my 30-day Float Challenge. The evening finished a bit earlier today, so I decided to start the float at 8pm. By that time of the evening I was already tired and ready to go to bed, but despite that, my thoughts were busy during the float. I had many thoughts but couldn't remember those thoughts 20 seconds down the road. Towards the end of the float, my brain switched back on to 'full power mode', basically telling me my float was done. That happens often, because once my brain is set on something, it holds onto it fervently, and won't let the urge go. So once that urge to be done with the float comes up, it wants to be done. Yo

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