30 Day Float Gong

Near the beginning of 2018, I embarked on a 9-day Float Gong. After months of building the float business, burning myself out worrying about meeting monthly deadlines, and trying to figuring it all out, this 9-day long float session was like heaven on earth. After 9 days, I literally felt no pains or aches, my body was so calm and relaxed. I slept well - much better than I had been sleeping the previous year. In a previous post, you saw how I had changed my sleeping style as well. Since college I was used to sleeping on harder surfaces and avoided beds as much as possible. That was because I didn't wake up with pain after sleeping on a hard surface. So after floating for so long, I avoi

Float Gong

A Float Gong: the Chinese word for a "cultivation" or "practice". A time period of consistent practice. Any type of Gong takes self-motivation, determination, and a strong commitment to do the action every day. You don’t know what will transform within you during the time you practice the gong, so it helps to go at it with a childlike curiosity. The discoveries will be the gift to yourself. No one can tell you what it will be like – it is the secret within you: that is for you, and only you, to discover. There is something magic about doing 100 days of practice. But in the end, the numbers don’t matter. Accomplishing a Gong is considered the most effective way to truly change old patterns

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