It's OK not to fall asleep

It's your first, third, tenth, or 57th float. Each time you've floated it's been different. Some you feel like you "got" a lot benefits, other times it may have been difficult to relax. No matter what experience you think you had, you still are floating...which means you still are gaining the benefits. Now, you're floating, and you have a difficult time falling asleep. You come back out to the lobby after the float and say, "Jordan! I couldn't fall asleep when I was floating. I tried, and tried, and tried, but it just didn't happen. I don't think it was a very good float for me." I smile and nod as you explain your float, but what I want to tell you is... "Here's the good news...THAT'S

Floaty Tips

Your first float may be one of uncertainty, question, and a little anxiety. That's completely OK! We want you to understand that. Out in the world, you zip around like an Indy car, at 200mph. When you walk across the threshold into our lobby, step into the float pod, and float, it's like we're asking you to stop on a DIME and go immediately to 0mph. The float space is unique. It brings to our attention those things that we've been avoiding or neglecting. For first-time floaters, this can be a difficult transition. For first-time floaters, this can also be bliss. Some people take immediately to the float environment, as though their brain and body have been craving and preparing for it

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