History of Human Floating, Pt.1: Ancient History

The Romans soaked in large communal baths built over hot springs. The Dead Sea attracted travelers and visitors from all over the Mediterranean for thousands of years, where it’s extremely salty solution was revered for its healing powers. Around 30 B.C., even Cleopatra was floating in the Dead sea, reaping its health benefits. An entire city, Venice, was built to float on the water, and many people there live their lives upon gondolas that drift up and down the canals. There were and are entire groups of people in the South Pacific that live their lives on boats that cruise from island to island. And the Polynesian people built their culture upon outrigger canoes with sails that guided

All About Epsom Salts

To help first-time floaters imagine what a float tank is like, I ask them to imagine the Dead Sea, or Salt Lake, or the Ocean. This gives them the same sense of 'floating' and relaxation, but there's a difference between all of these and a float tank. It's the salt... The Ocean, Salt Lake, and Dead Sea contain salts in the form of chloride mixed with a variety of other minerals...whether it be sodium chloride (NaCl), potassium chloride (KCl), magnesium chloride (MgCl2), it's all chloride. It's the same for table salt and kosher salt, they're 97.5% sodium chloride. Epsom salts are not chloride. They're magnesium sulfate (MgSO4 + 7H2O). The H2O is hydrated version of this 'salt.' Magnesiu

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