Aloha Floaters,

The float shop will close down on January 10, 2021.  This is not what we wanted, and hoped the shop could hold on longer, but there was not enough floater traffic into the shop to sustain it.  We were here and open for most of 2020 but lost most of our floater base to shutdowns, restrictions, and fear.

For anyone who purchased gift cards in December 2020, we suggest using them before that final date. All unused credits and gift cards will become void after we close.


We are unable to provide refunds for purchases older than 60 days right now, and have given floaters enough notice and time to come in to use any remaining credits with emails, social media updates, and website updates.

Please send any questions to

All items we're selling from the float shop will be listed HERE. This includes furniture, decorations, and more.



Tues - Sun: closed

Mon: closed


1016 S. 74th Plaza

Omaha, NE 68114